Feb 10, 2010

Hopeful Haitians and prayer warriors wait for a revival in the midst of tragedy

A massive earthquake left the already destitute country of Haiti in piece on Jan. 12. Pre-quake, Haiti was one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world. Now it is left in ruin with over 150,000 estimated to be dead.

Recently, a couple who spends three months each year in Haiti as missionaries shared their story. The two happened to be there during the earthquake and told their first hand experience of the devastation that has occurred there. The wife first explained that because of the lack of media in Haiti, Americans knew more of what was happening with the earthquake than the Haitians themselves. Her eyes filled with tears as she described the amount of loss the Haitians have experienced. Brothers, fathers, sisters, mothers, grandparents, cousins and friends were gone, and those who still had homes standing were afraid to even enter them for concern of another quake. Her husband, who is a photo journalist, was sent to the capital to document the wreckage. In front of our congregation, he was very emotional and at a loss for words.

The Haiti earthquake is one of the worst natural disasters of modern history, yet the Lord is working in unbelievable ways in the midst of it all. Some family friends of mine were also in Haiti during the quake, and their testimonies of the incredible move of God were just a taste of all that He is doing there. They observed the presence of the Lord in ways they had never before seen, had first hand experiences of supernatural encounters, and participated in “loaves-and-fishes” kind of miracles. (For a full account visit http://charismamag.com/index.php/fire-in-my-bones/26003-miraculous-praise-amid-haitis-destruction#readmore).

I’m sure you are wondering, “How can I help Haiti? What can I do to really make a difference?” Well, the greatest thing you can do is pray! The couple that spoke at my church said that the main need is for truth. The lack of communication has left the people unaware of what is really going on, with many false alarms causing unneeded evacuations due to the fear that is controlling the people. The people of Haiti have long practiced Voodoo and other demonic religions as well, which is why I believe God is using this earthquake as a way to open up the Haitians eyes and to reveal Himself to them.

We may not be able to aid Haiti in the physical sense of going there and helping them to rebuild their broken country, but we can cover the Haitians and those that are diligently working to help them in prayer. We must plead for the souls of the lost and for the healing of the injured and sick. We can even believe for a massive widespread revival in this tragic time and an outpouring of the Lord’s spirit.

Our God is not a small, weak God, if He can move mountains and create a universe with a few words--He can surely bring revival and restoration to the nation of Haiti. Believe for the unimaginable and have faith in the impossible. After all, if God’s own people don’t have crazy, radical dreams, who will?


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